We are excited to begin shipping SteriSleeves™! Each box of SteriSleeves™ contains 500 individual protective sheaths that fit most microneedling devices. The introductory price is $79 per box which includes free standard shipping!

RETURNING CUSTOMERS ONLY: If you wish to order online please LOGIN with the login (usually your email) and password we assigned you when you made your first order. If you forgot your password, RESET IT HERE. If you would rather contact us directly to order (because we are so fabulous to talk with!) follow the directions for first time customers below.

FIRST TIME/ NEW CUSTOMERS: You can order SteriSleeves™ by either calling us at 480.369.6905 or completing the form below. Once we receive the form we will contact you to take your order. After your initial order, we can register you for online ordering if you wish. We will discuss this with you on your first order.